Foggy windshield and wipers

Fogged windows in the car are a dangerous phenomenon that can occur in any car for one reason or another. Of course, the main problem of a fogged windshield or other windows is the moisture in the car interior. Interestingly, not all motorists know the causes of fogged windows in the car and ways to quickly eliminate them. Further, we will explain it, but first, it should be noted that you should not hesitate to solve this problem if the windows are fogging systematically.

Many people mistakenly believe that the windows may fog just when it is wet outside. In fact, even in warm dry weather, the windows may be completely covered with moisture, making it difficult for the driver to see. The more humidity outside, the more likely the problem will appear. One of the common car maintenance tips is a getting kept your windshield wipers in good condition. Also, in cold weather, the windows on the inside of the car may mist up due to condensation droplets, which appear when moisture settles on the cold glass. Below you can find 4 quick and easy steps which help you clean foggy car windows conveniently.

4 Easy Steps to Defog Windshield Quickly

  1. Turn on heating.
  2. Turn on the air conditioning or climate control.
  3. Direct airflow to the windshield.
  4. Off an air circulation.

In most cases, if the glass is fogged, the 4 steps above will be enough. Let’s try to find out the most common causes of this phenomenon and what to do to prevent the problem from occurring again.

4 Steps for Preventing the Problem in the Future

1. Replace the cabin air filter.

The most common cause of such window fogging in a car is a dirty cabin air filter. It usually needs to be changed every 10,000 miles to keep it working well.

The reason is that a clogged cabin filter does not allow air in and moisture that collects in the cabin does not come out well. Also, when buying a new cabin air filter, it is worth telling which is the best to choose. It is worth paying attention to filters with activated carbon, they better protect against allergens and harmful chemical compounds.

Carry out the replacement you can usually do yourself, but you need to know where the cabin filter is located. It is often easy to change in the cabin, but in some cars, it is a little more difficult to do. If your car’s service interval is reached, then you can wait a bit and have it replaced along with the scheduled service.

2. Correctly set the ventilation and heating of the cabin.

Make sure that the ventilation system and the cabin heating system are set correctly. In case of high air humidity and heavy fogging of windows, it is necessary to switch on ventilation on the highest power, directing air flows to the windshield.

Among other things, if your car is equipped with an air conditioner, it can be a great helper. For effective window defogging, air conditioning is crucial because it quickly removes excess moisture from the cabin and dries the air.

3. Penetration of moisture into the cabin.

This problem is more typical for used cars but also depends on the place and conditions of parking. As a rule, it happens in the fall and winter season, when motorists are most often faced with fogging of windows.

The reason is in violation of cabin moisture drainage through the drainage holes. They are in every car and most often located under the windshield.

The draining holes are used to carry out water and moisture and can become clogged with dirt and leaves from trees. Thus, the moisture is not properly vented to the outside but goes straight into the nearby ventilation system. So if you have foggy windows in your car, it’s worth checking the drainage system under the hood right away.

4. Use sponges and wipes.

Moisture accumulated on the windows very often leaves traces and streaks that make it difficult to see through the window of the car. To make your windows as transparent as possible you should use clean sponges and microfiber cloths (towels). You can use them to easily clean your car windows and remove any streaks or stains. There are, also, some solutions that restrict windows fogging and helps to keep them clean.

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