catalytic converters

All modern cars have a device to reduce harmful emissions named catalytic converter of the exhaust system. The level of purification of unhealthy gases in a properly-working converter reaches 98%, and the 0430 code occurs when this level falls down more than normal. Other error codes may also appear with this code.

Error 0430 Explanation

This OBD2 error code indicates, that the catalytic catalyst (bank 2) is working less efficiently, than normal. The catalytic converter works under ECM control and if the last detects a problem, the Check Engine indicator will set on the driver’s dashboard.

Symptoms of P0430 Error

Causes of Error P0430

Error P0430 Diagnostics

The main procedures, when diagnosing this error code are the following:

Common Mistakes in Diagnosing Code P0430

One of the general mistakes in diagnosing the P0430 code is not understanding that the problem may be a mechanical failure, for example, injector damage and fuel leakage or damage to the cylinder head gasket. It is also a mistake to neglect the testing of oxygen sensors.

Very important and necessary to check the paired codes, that you getting along with 0430. You must be sure, at first, that you don’t have among them anyone from the set: P0300-P0308. Misfire diagnosis not needed if so, and is required (first of all) – in another case. Also be careful with another set of codes (P0174, P0171, P0172, P0175), which means not quality fuel is operated by the engine and this leads to burning of converter due to the higher temperature of exhaust gases, than normal. In this case, you can try to stabilize the fuel with the best fuel system cleaning additives firstly, and then after several miles, you should make a decision to go to your quality automotive mechanic or no. Possibly the error will disappear after you add to the car’s fuel tank the fuel system cleaner or catalytic converter cleaner. Be sure, that this can take a time to be effective and weight all the risks at first.

Is P0430 Error Serious?

Error P0430 is serious. Installing the new catalyst is quite expensive, as its components contain precious metals, like platinum, palladium and rhodium. To avoid serious harm to the catalytic converter, we recommend that you contact a qualified technician as soon as possible when the P0430 code appears.

What Repair Can Fix the Error P0430?

Additional Thoughts for Resolving Error P0430

For proper diagnosis of error code P0430, the technician will need a special diagnostic device. Using an OBD2 reader, a mechanic will be able to read all the saved data that will help determine the cause of the error, as well as find out which system or component is faulty.

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